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Make your own

Want to learn how to carve your own wooden spoon using a carving axe and knife? I can teach you!

A four hour lesson is $85 for the first person and $50 for each additional person in your group. All tools and materials are provided, including axes, knives and wood. I'll teach you everything from wood selection, tool maintenance and safety measures to spoon design and carving techniques with an axe and knife.


You'll come out of the lesson with a better understanding of wood and your very own hand carved spoon!

Note: For July and August of 2018 I will be operating out of my cottage on St. Joseph Island (near Sault Ste. Marie) so  will not be in Southern Ontario for a lot of the time.

Bring your friends

I can teach up to four people at once! Bring your friends or family for a fun and educational group carving experience! Group lessons are $85 plus $50 for each additional person.

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