If well cared for, your spoon will only get better with age.

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Hockleycrest spoons are not just for decoration! Your spoon is designed for years of use in the kitchen. Although your spoon may take on colours and develop a worn look, this simply makes it more beautiful and adds to its story!

Not just a decoration


Hand wash only

Wood and dishwashers don't get along. Extend your spoon's lifespan by hand washing with warm water and soap. Dry it with a towel or simply let it air dry.

Don't let it soak

Don't leave your spoon sitting in water for more than a couple hours at a time. This causes the wood to absorb water and expand, which can lead to cracks.


Your spoon is finished with food grade walnut oil.* However, after being used and washed a few times, the finish will wear off. The spoon will absorb the natural oils from the foods you are cooking, but may appear lighter in colour than when it was new. Although oiling on a regular basis is by no means necessary, if you wish to renew the colours of the wood, apply any food grade wood finish and let dry before use.

*Although uncommon, be advised that walnut oil can cause allergic reactions for people with nut allergies. If you do not want your spoon finished with walnut oil, please tell me when ordering and I will use mineral oil instead.

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