How a tree becomes a spoon

Birth of a spoon

All Hockleycrest spoons start out as a log from a local, naturally fallen tree.  Hardwoods are best for spoons, as they carve well and can stand up to years of daily use. Maple, birch, cherry, walnut and beech are personal favourites.

Logs are cut to length and split open with an axe. The spoon is then drawn onto the wood with pencil and the rough shape is cut out with a carving axe.


Nothing but knife

The shape of the spoon is then refined with a carving knife. The knives are extremely sharp, allowing for a high level of precision.

Finally, the bowl of the spoon is carved out with a curved knife known as a hook knife. The razor sharp knives leave a perfectly smooth finish on the wood, and as a result sandpaper is not necessary. The crisp tool marks left from carving tell the story of how the spoon was created, and give it a truly handmade feel.