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Made to order spoons

Please allow 1-2 weeks for me to make the spoon before it is shipped.

If you have any questions, please contact me before ordering.

How to buy

To purchase a spoon, take a look through my catalogue of spoons and utensils below - there are photos, descriptions and prices for each design.


After you've decided what kind of utensils you want to purchase, contact me directly by email with the form below and we will work out payment details. All prices are in CAD.

While I generally have a small number of utensils in stock, most will be made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for me to make the spoon before it is shipped. Be aware that the photos below are just examples of the shape and you will not be receiving the exact product from the picture - while I try to make everything as consistent as possible, they are handmade out of wood and there will naturally be some variation.

If you have any questions, please contact me before ordering.

- Peter

Eating Spoon


Similar in shape to the classic soup spoon, eating spoons are designed for getting food from your bowl to your mouth. Strong and lightweight, these spoons are also great for traveling and camping!

Coffee Scoop


Scoop your beans with a beautiful hand carved coffee scoop! The bowl holds about 1 tbsp, and these can be made with either a short 3" handle to fit inside a container, or a longer 6" handle to help you get to the bottom of the coffee bag.

Jar Spoon


These spoons are long and skinny with a roughly 7" handle to get to the bottom of a jar. The small, square shaped bowl helps you to get to the hard to reach corners at the bottom of of a jar.

Round Cooking Spoon


About 11" long, the cooking spoon is the all purpose workhorse of your kitchen. Good for stirring, mixing, sautéing, and serving, this spoon is ready for anything.

Square Edge Cooking Spoon


Similar in size to the round cooking spoon, the square edge of this spoon excels at stir frying, scraping pans, getting into the corners of pots, and serving food.

Chisel Tip Cooking Spoon


These cooking spoons are slightly smaller at about 10" in length. The angled tip makes them perfect for getting into the corners of pots, and the smaller bowl is perfect for small pots and pans. As these are asymmetrical, please specify if you want a right or left handed spoon.

Classic Spatula


About 11" long, this classic spatula is great for stir frying and scraping pans and has a thin edge and upturned tip to get into corners. Being made of wood means it won't scratch non-stick pans!

Baking Spatula


The rounded edge of this roughly 11" spatula makes it perfect for scraping bowls, mixing dough, and folding batter!

Rustic Spatula


Similar in size and function to the classic spatula, this spatula has a slightly more rustic look to it. A great all purpose utensil for stirring, scraping, and serving!

Spreader Knife


These spreader knives are designed for spreading butter, honey, and jam. At about 9" long, they can reach to the bottom of a jar with ease, and the wide tip allows them to hold more than a standard metal butter knife. A sharp hardwood edge also makes them good for cutting soft cheeses! 

Salad Set


A matching set of one spoon and one "fork" to serve your salad. The thin edge and broad bowl allows these spoons to pick up greens without crushing them, and the roughly 11" length helps get to the bottom of large salad bowls. These spoons are sure to impress at your next dinner party!

Bowl Scraper


Roughly 4.5" wide by 2" tall, the rounded side of these hardwood scrapers have a thin edge that makes them perfect for scraping dough out of a bowl, while the flat bottom edge allows you to scrape dirty pans. A divot for your thumb on one side means you'll never lose your grip, even when it's covered in water, soap or grease. 


Don't see what you're looking for?

Contact me for details about custom orders, special designs and commissions!

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Submit your order with this form and I'll get back to you shortly with an invoice and payment instructions.

Shipping Prices:

Within Ontario: $13

Elsewhere in Canada - $15

USA - $17

Contactless pick up in Thunder Bay, ON - Free

Anywhere else in the world - Please contact me for a shipping quote


For an extra $5-$10, I can paint the handle of your spoon or carve in a design or words of your choice.

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